The Veterinary Referral Hospital of Hickory provides a broad spectrum of surgical procedures to cats, dogs, and other small pets. Orthopedic, vascular, soft tissue, oncologic, minimally invasive as well as some neurologic procedures are among what we have to offer. With 24-hour care, patients are monitored closely in the perioperative period to improve overall outcome.

From stabilization of ligament tears to repair and management of complex fractures, we offer advanced technology and options for repair of many orthopedic diseases. For example, the availability of arthroscopy and computed tomography allows for minimally-invasive diagnosis and treatment of elbow dysplasia in dogs. After consultation with one of our doctors, we can guide you as to the best treatment option to get your pet back to the best function possible.

Offering thoracic, abdominal, and oncologic surgery allows us to help patients diagnose and manage a variety of diseases ranging from liver, kidney, and intestinal diseases to cardiac and pulmonary illnesses as well. With laparoscopic equipment, we are able to provided minimally-invasive liver biopsy, ovariectomy (spay), and prophylactic-assisted gastropexy for deep-chested patients. The on-site CT machine allows advanced staging of masses to help guide surgical excision and reconstruction.

Certain breeds of dogs are predisposed to the rupture of disks in their spines, resulting in the need for surgery. Although not specialized in neurology, our doctors are experienced with both neck and back disk surgery in dogs.

Our Surgery Doctors